Between June and September 2020, we were able to re-distribute $57,000 to 148 Eritrean and Ethiopian people living in the GTA

Review Our Quick Factsheet To Learn About Project Outcomes! 

Many Eritrean and Ethiopian individuals and families will not be receiving cheques at all

CERB and CESB have failed to reach many of our community members that are precariously and/or underemployed such as workers in the cash economy, international students, artists and those without citizenship status. 

We also know that physical distancing has worsened people's home lives; some are experiencing homelessness, and some who stay in abusive environments. 

COVID-19 is exposing deep social divides that have always existed in Toronto. Police violence, skyrocketing childcare costs, income inequality, unaffordable housing, and many other issues have long been part of the landscape of the Toronto we know.

If you have enough, now is the time to share

Many of us are still receiving income, collecting CERB or CESB, or have access to savings or family wealth that we don't need for our immediate survival. 

We believe that if we are able, now is the time to redistribute our financial resources to those in our community who need it most


With Your Donation, We Will Re-Distribute Money to Eritrean and Ethiopian Individuals and Families So They Can Meet Their Urgent Basic Needs



Mental and Physical Treatment and Therapy



Please Share and Show Solidarity For Our Cause By Using The Hashtag #EECOVID #ShareYourCheque #ViralKindness #EriEthioMutualAid

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