We are a group of Eritrean and Ethiopian young people from the Greater Toronto Area, who have lived, studied, and been held down by our community in this city for many years. Many of us have been involved in Eritrean and Ethiopian community building, and are directly affected by the very needs we are highlighting for support.

We believe in mutual aid, which focuses on meeting our collective immediate needs for survival, because we know the system is not designed to support us.


  1. Collective capacity building: we want to make this work more possible in our community, and grow the ability to organize community-wide supports for one another.

  2. Greater political awareness and education: we want our community, and specifically those impacted the most by the pandemic, to have a greater understanding of how we got here and how we should support each other.

  3. Imagining other responses to crisis: we know that there are many social services available to Eritreans and Ethiopians, however we still see our communities in crisis. We want more conversations about mutual aid work and community supports that are political and focused directly on how we can end poverty in our communities.


  1. Solidarity not Charity: we do this work not out of pity or charity, but because we believe we are stronger when we are standing together.

  2. Collective and Individual Autonomy: we believe that individuals receiving money from the fund know best about how to meet their own immediate needs.

  3. Non-judgmental: we do not look to judge our community members on their 'deservingness' for funds, or their experiences

  4. Transparency: we are accountable to our community members and report on where the funds we raised have went.

  5. Accessibility: we have worked to reduce barriers to accessing the fund, through language, community relationships, and a phone line.



CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals

United Way Greater Toronto Area



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