Who are we?

We are a volunteer-run grassroots collective of Eritrean and Ethiopian women who live or have lived, in the Greater Toronto Area. Many of us have been involved in Eritrean and Ethiopian community building, and are directly affected by the very needs we are highlighting for support.

Our core organizing team is supported by our vetting committee and community partners. The vetting committee oversees the fundraiser and application processes, and is made up of trusted community leaders who are external to the initiative planning. Our community partners- Midtown, New Nakfa, Young Diplomats, and People to People Aid Organization Canada- are supporting this initiative through implementation guidance, ongoing feedback, and providing community resources we will connect applicants to.

Our trustee, CEE Center for Young Black Professionals, is providing administrative support to help manage the first two cycles of the Eri-Ethio COVID-19 Solidarity Fund, which will disburse monies from the United Way Greater Toronto Area Local Love Fund. CEE is an established and charitable organization that has been serving the community since 2014.

Are you a government agency or charity?

No, we are not a registered charity or not-for-profit. We are a group of young women organizing together in a voluntary capacity to address urgent community needs. Following this initiative, we will report back to our community with project outcomes, and then dissolve the collective.

Can I get a charitable donation receipt I donate?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide a charitable receipt because we are not a registered charity in Canada.

Will you be taking a cut of the donation?

No one on our organizing team is being paid for this work. We are organizing Eri-Ethio COVID-19 Solidarity Fund as a mutual aid initiative, meaning we are a voluntary association of people working together to meet each other's survival needs.

100% of donations collected through the fundraising platform Chuffed.org, will go directly to GTA-based Eritreans and Ethiopians in need. Stripe, the credit card processor on Chuffed.org- charges $3.30 for each donation by credit card to the donor, and Chuffed includes an optional tip to sustain their organization. For example, if you make a $100 donation by credit card, this fundraising platform charges you $103.30 and you have the option of tipping Chuffed's organization. Of this donation, $100 will go directly to the Eri-Ethio COVID-19 Solidarity Fund.

How will my donation be used?

Your donations will be disbursed to Eritreans and Ethiopians in the GTA that are experiencing difficulty meeting their basic needs due to the pandemic. Urgent needs include but are not limited to: rent, medicine, food and water, mental and physical care.

Who can apply?

Eritrean and/or Ethiopian within the Greater Toronto Area that either: Do not qualify for CERB or CESB, or are receiving government support, but have emergency financial needs preventing a safe living environment.

How can I apply?

Applications were be open from Friday June 5 to Friday June 12 at noon. 

They are now closed and we are no longer re-distributing any monies. 

Click Here For English Application

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